EZ Staking Tools Update: v0.9.172

2 min readFeb 3, 2023

Many changes have occurred since the launch of EZ Staking Tools.

Here are the major change announcements that took place on Twitter:

Since then, we have been rather discreet, but we can assure you that behind the scenes it is working hard!

Major improvements made in the last two months

Accounts Page Redesign

Page completely redesigned. Adding accounts is simplified with automatic account detection.

Portfolio Validators Status page

Visualize at a glance the commission, status and uptime of your validators.

Overview of the Validators Status page

Portfolio Delegations page

Your delegations of all your wallets for all blockchains. Additional filters will be added soon.

Overview of the Portfolio Delegations page

Submit Proposal Types and Markdown Editor

It is now possible to file a governance proposal for the following types:

  • Community Pool Spend
  • Parameter Change
  • Software Upgrade
  • Cancel Software Upgrade

The description editor has now a markdown viewer.

Overview of the Submit Proposal page

And finally

  • Cosmos v46 support
  • Portfolio & Wallet interface redesigned
  • Improved Portfolio onboarding
  • Improved Portfolio data loading time
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

Roadmap for the next 2 months

The roadmap for the next two months is a bit more challenging, but without a vacation period, we should be able to move forward more quickly.


  • Assets Info page
  • CW20 tokens
  • NFTs


  • Address Book management
  • IBC transfers
  • Osmosis swaps


  • Desmos profile support

And finally

  • ICNS and Stargaze Names (full integration: Portfolio, Wallet and Explorer)

Thank you for reading! Feel free to share our solution with your friends.

Edit: new URL is https://ezstaking.app/