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4 min readOct 6, 2022


We are pleased to announce the release of our Interchain tool suite, the Interchain Portfolio, Wallet and Explorer!
This suite of tools lets you manage all your wallets in one place.


With the Portfolio, you can track in real time your assets and governance proposals pending vote for all your wallets!

Portfolio: Bank

With the Bank part, you no longer need to add up your different wallets! You have an overview of ALL your assets!

EZ Staking Tools — Overview of Bank Portfolio

You will be able to filter by protocols, minimum balance, recoverable rewards, locked amounts… so you can easily organize yourself to know if it’s time to recover your rewards or not, or for any other need!

EZ Staking Tools — Filtered overview of Bank Portfolio

Portfolio: Governance

With the Governance part, you don’t have to check each of your wallet to know if you voted for this or that proposal with this or that wallet, you have an overview and can vote directly from there. You may also vote for multiple governance proposals at the same time.

EZ Staking Tools — Governance Portfolio Overview


For the Wallet we have made it a point to offer you the best user experience. Everything is in one place and for all protocols, no need to navigate between different browser tabs!

Wallet: Bank

With the Bank part, you can of course send coins, but you can also send mass transactions via CSV content!

EZ Staking Tools — Bank Wallet Overview

Wallet: Staking

With the Staking part, nothing new except that you can, as with all wallet actions, perform your actions for any supported protocol via a simple list, no need to navigate from one page to another. Oh yes, you can also change your address that will get the rewards, via Set Withdraw Address action.

EZ Staking Tools — Staking Wallet Overview

Wallet Governance

With the Governance part, you can of course vote and even vote for several governance proposals at the same time. You can also deposit and publish a governance proposal. For now, it is only possible to publish Text governance proposals, but we plan to manage all possible governance types, including the types created by the protocols themselves. We are also planning to make weighted votes possible.

EZ Staking Tools — Governance Wallet Overview

Wallet: Smart Contract

With the Smart Contract part, you can see all the actions offered by the contract and you can also perform actions on the contract.

EZ Staking Tools — Smart Contract Wallet Overview

Wallet Validator

A validator part is also available to allow validators edit their validator and unjail.

EZ Staking Tools — Validator Wallet Overview


The explorer not only allows you to explore all the transactions, view validators, governance proposals, etc… but also allows you to perform the transactions from. So you can directly delegate / redelegate / undelegate from the validator page. Vote from the list of governance proposals. Always with the aim of making your life easier!

EZ Staking Tools — Dashboard Explorer Overview
EZ Staking Tools — Proposals Explorer Overview
EZ Staking Tools — Validators Explorer Overview

Concerning the Explorer, as you can see, we were strongly inspired by the Mintscan design, because we wanted to deliver as soon as possible, but we plan to change it as soon as possible. With the current base, it will be easier for a graphic designer to know what to do. Besides, we’re still looking for an experienced UI/UX oriented designer who knows the world of cryptocurrency and Cosmos, in order to differentiate us from our competitors. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you match these criteria!

Our suite of tools is still in beta version, so you may discover some small bugs. Do not hesitate to let us know if this is the case. We evolve the tool suite in continuous integration, so we can update the application without any break, which allows us to be very responsive.

We hope that this suite of tools will be useful to you and will make your life easier!

Coming soon, the ability to perform IBC transfers, view all those NFTs and CW20 tokens, the ability to do all the actions related to Smart Contracts and other things that we prefer to keep secret for now!

EZ Staking.